Nella Belmont

Nella Belmont

Lecturer in General Management

Nella Belmont completed her schooling in her home country of Seychelles.  She then obtained a Diploma in Education (majoring in English) at the School of Education & Community Studies.  Following that, she attended the University of Sussex, UK, to pursue a Bachelor of Education course (again, with a major in English), which she successfully completed in 1992.  Some years later, in 2005 she achieved a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership (International) from the University of Lincoln, UK.

In terms of employment, Nella has gained extensive experience as a teacher.  Her first appointment was with the National Youth Service at Cap Ternay.  She then taught in secondary schools, prior to transferring to the Ministry of Education to work for eight years as the Secondary Education Coordinator.  After that, she returned to school as a Deputy Head for Curriculum, with promotion in due course to Head Teacher in two different schools.  Currently, Nella is a Lecturer in General Management at UniSey’s professional development Faculty, the Guy Morel Institute.

In the course of her professional career, Nella has participated in a variety of conferences and training programmes, within Seychelles and internationally.  She has also tutored students enrolled on Master’s degree with the universities of Lincoln and Warwick, UK.

When she is not pursuing her professional development, Nella enjoys reading and watching movies.