Leading Figures

Chancellor of the University Vice-Chancellor of the University  Registrar/Director of Quality Assurance
Professor Dennis Hardy  
Mr James Michel Professor Dennis Hardy  Mrs Luciana Lagrenade 
The most senior figure in UniSey is the Chancellor.

Professor Dennis Hardy is Vice-Chancellor

and Chief Executive, responsible for the

operation of UniSey.

 Registrar/Director of Quality Assurance. 
Dean of Faculty Arts and Social Development
Dean of Faculty Business & Sustainable Development
Dean of the Guy Morel Institute (Faculty of Enterprise & Professional Development)


Dr Justin Valentin


Ms Joëlle Perreau
Dr Justin Valentin Mrs Shella Mohideen

Ms Joëlle Perreau is responsible for

the Faculty of Arts and Social Development.

Dr Justin Valentin is responsible

for the Faculty of Business & Sustainable Development.

Mrs Shella Mohideen is responsible for

the Guy Morel Institute (Faculty of Enterprise & Professional Development).

Financial controller HR Manager Marketing Manager


 Ms Helda Ransoni  Ms Marie-Andree Sally  Mrs Dolivette Chang-Ko 
Financial Controller

HR Manager

Marketing Manager

IT Manager  Director of Student Services Director of Campus Development


 Mr Patrick Bristol Ms Pricillina Durbarry Mrs Christine Pejakovic 
IT Manager

Ms Pricillina Durbarry is theDirector of Student Services.

Director of Campus Development

Chair of Council    


Mrs Margaret Pillay    
Mrs Margaret Pillay is the Chair of the University Council.