Keddy Ernesta

Keddy Ernesta

Head of Programme, Skills Development

Keddy Ernesta worked previously at the Seychelles Institute of Management before the merger with Unisey.  His first post with the university was as a Lecturer, Short Course and In-House Coordinator.  He is currently Head of Programme for Skills Development at the Guy Morel Institute, which includes short Management Courses.  He teaches and facilitates across a wide range of subjects and is a key member of his Faculty.

Keddy’s education background and professional experience has an international perspective.  After his schooling in Seychelles, he obtained a Diploma in Secondary Education.  He then studied for his Bachelor’s degree at Edith Cowan University in Perth, being awarded a BA in History & Politics (with a minor in Business Studies).  Later he attended the University or Manchester, UK, where he achieved a Master’s in International Relations.

As well as teaching in Seychelles (including at the International School, where he was Head of the History Department), he also taught in Qatar and Colombia.  He has added to his international experience through attendance at a number of overseas conferences and training programmes.

Keddy is an active member of UniSey and, in addition to his teaching, his achievements include a range of consultancies – such as preparing a training plan for the Seychelles Planning Authority and assisting the lead consultant on a Strategic Plan for the National Meteorological Services.

He is a member of his Faculty Board and one of a small task group currently looking at the university’s approach to teaching, learning and assessment.