Gayanthika Udeshani

Gayanthika Udeshani

Lecturer in ICT

Gayanthika Udeshani joined UniSey in November 2015, arriving from her home country of Sri Lanka.  In 2010 she obtained a BSc honours degree in Computing Science from the University of Sri Jaywardanepura.  She subsequently completed an MSc programme in the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Moratuwa.  In due course, she intends to pursue a PhD programme, with a view to developing her academic career.

Gayanthika brings to UniSey more than five years of experience on the frontline of the IT industry, with primary skills in developing, leading and testing software projects.  Her varied work experience includes a period as a trainee at the Ceylon Electricity Board; more than three years as a software engineer at Excel Technology Lanka; and, prior to joining UniSey, employment as a software engineer at GSI's Application Development Center.  To prepare herself for the transition from industry to academia, Gayanthika worked as a demonstrator in a university IT department.

Her specialist interests are in agile software development, C#, research and development, and image processing.  In 2011, a co-authored article, 'Statistical feature-based neural network approach for the detection of lung cancer', was published in the International Journal of Image Processing.  Gayanthika’s thesis subject was 'Detection of weather anomalies and events of interest using complex event processing', and she has plans to publish her findings.