Certificate in Entrepreneurship Skills for Small Business

University of Seychelles Programme

Programme Overview

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship Skills for Small Business enables individuals to apply and use an up-to-date body of knowledge of the Seychelles small business sector and to develop the ability to analyse and evaluate that information. The course will stimulate an awareness of the need for, and the value of, effective customer service within the sector and help to develop the requisite managerial and technical skills for small business managers. It will also provide an awareness and understanding of the ways in which regulation and legislation impact on, and are relevant to, an organisation and the small business sector in general.

Entry Requirements

Either of the following:

Academic Pathway

Grade B or above in IGCSE English and grade C or above in IGCSE Mathematics.

Technical Pathway

  • Mature candidates without IGCSE in Mathematics and English but with 2 years continuous work experience in a relevant field.
  • Candidates with at least two subjects, grade D or above, at IGCSE or equivalent.

Target Audience

Anyone looking to make a successful business venture.

Programme Details

Length: One and a half years

Format: 8 Compulsory modules and work-based experience

Programme Outline

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