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The Creole Language and Culture Research Institute was launched on Wednesday at a ceremony at the Anse Royale campus. Under the banner “Nou kiltir, nou konesans, nou lidantite”, the institute aspires to be the knowledge hub for Creole languages and cultures in the Indian Ocean. Present at the launch was the Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St Ange, who stated that we need to add more value to our Creole language, defend it and value its importance in society.

Staff Movement

25 October 2016
Ms. Sherley Marie resigned from the service, effective from 12th October 2016. Mr. Michel Denousse, resigned from the service, effective from 1st October 2016. However, Mr Denousse will continue to work with UniSey on a freelance basis. Ms. Nisha Valabhji has joined UniSey as Senior Lecturer in Law, effective from 1st October 2016. Ms. Marie Claire Marie has been appointed Principal Secretary in the President’s office.
This year we welcome an international student from Paris, France. David Haziza will be studying MSc Sustainable Tourism Management at the Anse Royale campus starting on Monday 17th October. The programme to welcome him includes a visit to the head of Alliance Française as well as a visit to TGMI and Mont Fleuri campus.
Twenty-one young Seychellois received their Master of Arts degree in a graduation ceremony on Friday, amongst which three of the graduates received an overall award of 1st class honours. This 4th cohort began their journey in 2014 and completed the intensive and challenging programme in two years. The orientation of the fourth SYL Programme was modified to include modules and perspectives of particular relevance to the Government’s social renaissance campaign.
On the evening of October 21st, a group of Year 2 students currently enrolled in the Introduction to Geoinformatics and Field Studies in Environmental Science course attended a herpetology field trip up in the cold, misty Case Dent Trail at Sans Soucis, Mahé. The field trip was conducted by Mr. Lindsay Chong Seng and Mr. Terence Vel with the aim of enabling students to apply what they have learned in lectures to the identification of endemic amphibians and reptiles of…
A group of BSc Environmental Science students participated in the annual GVI raft race held on Saturday. The raft race was organised to raise funds to support activities at the President’s village. Organised by SNPA and GVI, the activity also aimed at showing the public how to make affective use of recycled materials.
A school improvement through research agreement was signed with English River School on Thursday. The main goal of this partnership is to conduct action research to revolutionise teaching and learning at English River Secondary school using 360 degrees approach. It is anticipated that with this agreement, the school will yield better results in students’ performance as well as an improvement in the school image.
Last week BERI facilitated a workshop in conjunction with SFA and the UK National Oceanographic Centre to conduct training in Biological Oceanography, Eutrophication and importantly the formation of harmful Algal blooms. The training is part of the Commonwealth Marine Economy Programme currently underway in Seychelles. The training was held on the 18th and 19th of October at the SFA training room, and was sponsored by SFA

Honorary Appointments

17 October 2016
The Honorary Appointments Committee met on 17th October and made the following appointments: Professor Dany Adone – Honorary Professorship It is expected that Professor Adone will contribute mainly to the development of Creole Studies. Dr Christian Bueger – Honorary Fellowship It is expected that Dr Bueger will contribute mainly to development of Peace Studies. Dr Adam Hughes– Honorary Fellowship It is expected that Dr Hughes will contribute mainly to the development of Aquaculture. Mrs. Georgina Dhillon – Honorary Fellowship It…
Mosmi Bhim a lecturer in ethics and governance from the Fiji National University, delivered a lecture on democracy at the Anse Royale campus on Friday 7th October. Mosmi is a PhD student in Fiji and she was conducting research work in Seychelles. The lecture highlighted the major struggles that the population in Fiji is facing against coup as the majority of the population are not properly informed.