On Tuesday 5th July a group of twenty-eight S4 students from Beau Vallon Secondary School were on campus and in the vicinity of Anse Royale, conducting coastal and river fieldwork related to their Geography IGCSE studies. Terence Vel and Indra Persaud led the activities in partnership with two geography teachers from the school.
UniSey would like to thank all staff who participated in the National Expo 2016. Your valuable contributions helped to make the event a success.
A talk was organised on 28th June by the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC), for BSc Environmental science year 3 students who are studying the fisheries science module. The representative, Mr Domingue, spoke about the roles, objectives and mandate of the commission in managing and sustaining the tuna stock in the Indian Ocean region. The talk was followed by the distribution of tokens to all students and staff who attended the talk. Each staff and student received an IOTC T-shirt,…
Amit Achameesing participated in the second COMESA annual research forum from 27th June to 1st July in Nairobi, Kenya. Participants discussed many issues relating to regional integration, including the benefits of importing state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure in order to improve a variety of production processes across different sectors of the Seychelles economy.
Students and staff from ETH Zürich and UniSey began a three-week intensive research programme geared to the understanding of the waste infrastructure system in Seychelles, and to uncover potential opportunities in waste management. The kick-off ceremony was held on 27th June at Anse Royale, followed by the Advisory Board meeting. Ultimately, the team hopes to contribute to solving the ongoing waste problem and finding potential solutions.
UniSey has set up the ‘Sir James Mancham International Centre for Peace Studies and Diplomacy’ under the expert guidance and experience of Sir James Mancham himself. The mission of the Centre will be to act as an international hub for the study of peace. It will also play an active role in conflict resolution and in the training of diplomats. This initiative will support the university’s drive to develop niche areas of research and course opportunities.
Last week, the Faculty of Business and Sustainable Development organised a workshop for representatives of various banks. The workshop was held at the Anse Royale campus and was facilitated by Amit Achameesing.
CCTV Africa has produced a documentary on the Seychelles Young Leaders Programme and what it represents for the future of the country. To view the video go to
A three-day workshop is being organised by the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development in partnership with The Guy Morel Institute on building capacity and efficiency in human resources personnel management. The aim of the workshop is to enable individuals from the public and private sectors to better analyse and process records. 30 Human Resource Managers and Officers are attending the workshop, which started on Wednesday 8th June and is being facilitated by Ms Nella Belmont.
The Social Committee organised the Mare Aux Cochons Educational Field Trip in collaboration with the Eba Project, on Saturday 4th June.