UniSey continues to market its programmes and courses locally. Last week, representatives from UniSey visited Praslin and La Digue where they were welcomed by the head teachers, teachers and students from the two islands. The students were keen to know more about UniSey and expressed interest to one day join our national university.

Girls in ICT

27 May 2016
To commemorate the International Girls in ICT Day, SYAH-SEY in collaboration with the UniSey, the Department of Information Communications Technology and the Seychelles National Youth Council, organised the Girls in ICT Day on Friday 27th May at the Anse Royale campus. Students from secondary and post-secondary institutions were present for the presentations in the morning and the IT interactive activities in the afternoon.
A group of 23 participants from various organisations followed a week long course in Stores and Inventory Management at The Guy Morel Institute, Ma Joie. As part of the course, participants visited the Air Seychelles Cargo facilities for more hands-on experience. The course was facilitated by Mr Winsley Kattaya.
A group of third year students studying Licence De Français (BA French) at UniSey presented their final research project in a ceremony on Tuesday 24th May 2016. Patrick Victor, Jean-Marc Volcy, Ralf Amesbury, Mercenary, David Philoe, John Wirtz, Joseph Louise and David Andre were the local artists who were chosen to work with the students on their research projects.

Hackathon Day

19 May 2016
A 24-hour Hackathon competition was organised on Thursday 19th May by the Department of Information Communications Technology in collaboration with UniSey and Air Seychelles. The participants developed a Mobile application for Android, iOS or Windows platform which they then presented during the closing ceremony on Friday 20th May. 1st Prize went to Gibran Haider Rizvi and Richie Barney Course. They won a return Business Class ticket on Air Seychelles. 2nd Prize went to Arachchillage Kriska Sandamini Pemarathne and Nadun Malaka…

ICT Week Debate

19 May 2016
To celebrate the ICT Week, a debate was organised on Thursday 19th May at the Anse Royale campus by UniSey in collaboration with the Department of Information Communications Technology, and the Seychelles National Youth Council. The topic of the debate was “Does social media have a negative impact on human interaction?”
An Information Evening for the Social Science programmes was organised on Tuesday 17th May at the Guy Morel Institute. The session provided prospective students with information about the Social Science Programmes and with the opportunity to ask questions to the Head of Programme and Lecturers from the Health and Social Care Department.
Two senior members from the University of London spent a week at UniSey for a series of working sessions. Dr Stephanie Wilson and Dr Maggie Cooper met with the Faculties and Departments and also got the chance to participate in some of the activities taking place on the Anse Royale campus.
30 students aged between 6 and 14 years, along with their parents, visited the Anse Royale campus on Sunday 15th May. The students were shown a film to motivate them to work hard academically to get a good education and a good job. The visitors also planted some trees and were satisfied with the information they received about our national university and the programmes and courses on offer. View more photos
The first cohort of the ‘Masters in Public Administration’ (MPA) students received their certificate and transcript during a small ceremony on Friday 13th May 2016 at The Guy Morel Institute. Professor Jackson J. Kilimba, from the Eastern and Southern African Management Institute (ESAMI), was also present during the ceremony.