Ted Barbe, lecturer at The Guy Morel Institute, has been appointed as the new assistant to the CEO of the National Drugs Enforcement Agency (NDEA). Mr Barbe is a Chevening Scholarship Graduate with a Master’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice and 20 years’ experience working with the Seychelles Police Force. The appointment takes effect as of 1st March 2017.We wish Mr Barbe all the best in his new post.
The new Chinese Ambassador, Yu Jinsong, paid a courtesy visit to UniSey on Wednesday. Present at the meeting were two other officials from the Chinese Embassy, Prof. Hardy, Dean Perreau, Mrs. Beryl Camille and Ms. Diana Benoit. The Chinese Ambassador confirmed the continuation of existing projects being carried out and looked forward to embarking on new initiatives for the years ahead. The meeting was held at the Confucius Institute at Anse Royale campus.
UniSey participated an awareness session organised by the Agency for National Human Resource Development (ANHRD).This activity was aimed at increasing awareness about the different scholarships offered. It also brought prospective students in contact with various Universities. We had the opportunity to showcase the different courses on offer at UniSey and to interact with potential students.
Dr.Marco Rizzi, Head of the Law Department, delivered a workshop at the Fair Trading Commission (FTC). The aim of the workshop was to train the legal officers at the FTC on enforcing the Consumer Protection Act.
A lokazyon Lazournen Enternasyonal Lalang Maternel, Lenstiti Resers pour Lalang ek Kiltir Kreol, Liniversite Sesel, ti fer en deba Mardi le 21 Fevriye, Anse Royale, aparti 2er apremidi ziska 3.30 anviron. Bi prensipal sa deba se pour permet bann zenn ensi ki bann akademik ek pratiker Kreol, e osi nenport Seselwa ki enterese, donn zot lopinyon lo stati Kreol koman en lalang maternel.
A certificate presentation ceremony was organised on Tuesday 21st February. Certificates of achievement and attendance were presented to the participants and winners of the competition.
IORA has awarded UniSey a grant to develop a stronger network of environmental research within the Western Indian Ocean (Seychelles, Mauritius, Comoros and Madagascar). The Blue Economy Research Institute is the focal institution with the mandate to develop this project, specifically Eugenie Khani and Uvicka Bristol. From the 12th to 16th February Eugenie Khani and Uvicka Bristol travelled to Comoros to carry out the survey along with other bodies undertaking environmental research in Comoros. They hosted a seminar at ‘Centre…
The new cohort for the Diploma in Computing and IT students started on Thursday. The students were given important information about the programme they will be studying and also about UniSey. They were also given a tour of the campus.
Early last year, Colleen Morel, a well-known environmental educator passed away from cancer. In her memory, her family and two NGO’s set up a scholarship for the BSc Environmental Science Programme students. Last year, Ashley Dias was the first recipient. The MoU, which is a three-way informal agreement between S4S, H Savy Insurance and UniSey, to carry on with these scholarships over the coming years, was signed on Thursday 16th February. This scheme is financially supported by H Savy Insurance…
Last Saturday, 40 participants from the Wildlife Club of Plaisance and Anse Royale Schools along with the Roche Caiman Environment Action Team participated in a training session at the UniSey nursery. Mr. Terence Vel gave a presentation on the project and on mangroves, followed by a video on plant propagation. Participants then practiced what they had learned by potting 280 mangrove plants (Ceriops tagal). The Roche Caiman Environment Action Team will later use the potted mangrove seedlings for restoration work…