Nominations are invited for the award of an Honorary Degree

4 May 2017
Published in Press Releases

The University of Seychelles is empowered to award Honorary Degrees to members of society who have made an outstanding contribution to the nation.  A decision was taken by the University Council in 2016 to initiate a process of annual awards.  As a result, later that year the first awards, at the level of Honorary Doctorates, were made to Patrick Victor and Bernard Elizabeth.

This notice is to announce the intention of Council to repeat the exercise this year, with the intention of making two new awards to outstanding citizens of Seychelles.

Recipients may have achieved excellence in fields as diverse as scholarship, enterprise, community or culture.  The essential element is that their work must, in one way or another, have improved the quality of life in Seychelles.

Because of its prestigious nature, the award will normally take the form of an Honorary Doctorate.  It is likely that no more than two such awards will be made in any one year, on the occasion of the annual University Graduation event in November. 

Nominations of suitable candidates are now invited.  Such nominations may be made in writing by any Seychellois citizen.  Guidelines on how to make a nomination, and details of the subsequent procedure, may be obtained here