Daig Romain


BSc in Geography and Environment

Daig Romain is an alumnus of the University of Seychelles who graduated with a BSc in Geography and Environment. Currently working on Aldabra Atoll, Daig is enjoying his job and cannot imagine himself doing any other job. The interview we had with him sheds some light on what the course is all about and how it helped him develop into a young professional with a passion for the environment.  

What inspired you to follow a course with the University of Seychelles?

I was in employment before the said course was being offered, and often felt that I could do more if I had a stronger academic background and build confidence in myself.  And as the course was in Environment it seemed highly relevant to my chosen career path.

What is special about the BSc Environmental Science in Geography and Environment, what did you like about it?

Though the course was mainly theoretical, the study subjects were very interesting and often forced you to take on a wider view of the many issues relating to the environment.  Following a degree course also meant that you had to be disciplined enough to organize your time and effort to meet deadlines. Having completed this course I am now much more aware of my capabilities and potential.

What are the benefits of your qualification in your present job?

I am currently living on Aldabra where I get to meet a number of interesting people working in research and conservation. The qualification has definitely broaden my horizon both in terms of what I'm able to do and opportunities coming my way …it does seem as if the ceiling has been lifted to a new height...

 Explain a little bit about your experience at UniSey?

Time spent at UniSey could very well be described as among the best times of my life.  If you're ready to mingle and participate there will be plenty to do. Sometimes you may need to take the initiative but surrounded by a group of similarly energetic youths the sky is the limit really.  I am especially proud of the non-academic activities that we had undertaken which included community work, environment awareness programs and sports... (Clean-up at the old peoples’ homes, beach clean-ups prior to turtle nesting season, raft race...)

Will you recommend others to apply for this course?

Yes I would definitely recommend that others apply to a similar course. The programme I participated in was used as a platform for the development of the new BSc Environmental Science at UniSey and I remain hopeful that the environmental courses offered by UniSey will continue to grow and attain the support necessary to contribute to further development in this very important area.

What are your future plans?

To be active in environmental conservation, to be ready to learn and work with my seniors and perhaps, if given the opportunity, to further my studies in a marine related field.