Campus Development

UniSey is on the move. Guided by its new Strategic Plan 2017-2021, the University looks to consolidate its position as a leading tertiary education provider for the Seychellois population through excellence in instruction, research, service and innovative partnerships. UniSey is also looking beyond its shores, to attaining status as a world-class university, boasting internationally renowned research in niche areas such as the Blue Economy, Creole Studies, and Peace & Diplomacy. Flanked by a pristine coastal and marine environment, UniSey envisages attacting scholars and researchers to Seychelles, on both long- and short-term programmes. Education Tourism is a potential market that will be explored. The future of Anse Royale, Seychelles’ second town, as a thriving centre of education, sports, arts, agriculture, and tourism will, to a great extent, hinge on the success and development of the University. 

The University Strategic Plan 2017-2021 states:

The University’s sites will be consolidated to provide a single campus at Anse Royale to produce an environment which is stimulating, safe and secure for those learning, working or visiting the University. By 2021, the University will be open, inclusive and of high quality in each area of our work, consisting of a range of flexible spaces in which to learn, teach, research and socialise.

We will continually develop our facilities and campus, so that, by 2020/2021, we will have developed a capital development plan of new buildings and facilities to ensure our facilities are state of the art. This goal will be of direct benefit to Seychellois students and it will also attract students from overseas.

Work to prepare the 2017-2027 Campus Master Plan has commenced and is at visioning stage (July- September 2017). This involves careful consideration of all elements that constitute the three tenets of the master plan vision.

  • Vibrant higher education campus at the heart of Anse Royale, incorporating eco-tourism and cultural characteristics.
  • The development of high-quality teaching and learning facilities which reflect creative academic, research and industry partnerships.
  • Commitment to environmentally sustainable development and stewardship of the land.

The process also incorporates all stakeholders involved in the life of the university.

The re-development plan includes the realisation of:

  • Library and Learning Centre;
  • High quality accommodation for up to 100 students and visiting researchers;
  • Conference Centre and Business Hub;
  • Centre for Professional Development (Education, Health and Social Care);
  • State of the art teaching and learning facilities;
  • Lecture theatre;
  • Performing arts/dance studio;
  • Post Graduate Centre;
  • Student leisure and recreational areas (restaurant, bar and social areas);
  • Administration block;
  • Psychology laboratory;
  • Language Learning Centre and laboratory;
  • Journalism studio with photography workshop;
  • A designated ͚Science Park͛ area, in the vicinity of the current theatre, to house an Aquaculture project, an agricultural research centre, and natural sciences laboratory;
  • New Sports facilities* and Sports Science laboratories (*to be constructed by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture on adjoining land).
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