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Terms of Reference


 The Marketing and Communications Committee is established by the Vice-Chancellor as a standing committee of the Marketing Department to effectively engage with its internal and external on stakeholders on strategic marketing matters of the University.

This committee will encourage useful debates and to inform the Senate of key marketing issues.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1.  To consider marketing initiatives and to contribute to the overall marketing strategy/plan;
  2. To consider recruitment policies and to seek ways to increase student numbers as appropriate;
  3. To take an overview of the nature and quality of university communication and its effectiveness for all staff and students within the University;
  4. To ensure that the voice of the UniSey’s Student Union is properly heard and understood;
  5. To consider how wider Seychelles community views the University and to recommend new and innovative initiatives to strengthen local ties;
  6. To review local partnerships and to strengthen and extend these as appropriate.


The committee shall consist of the following members:

  • Director of Marketing – Chairperson
  • Marketing Executive – Secretary
  • Representative of Student Union
  • Representative of Academic Faculty
  • Representative of Student Support Services
  • Representative of IT
  • Representative of the Global Office
  • Representative of the community

All committee members are expected to attend all meetings called by the Chairperson and is allowed to send nominees if absent. Nominees can take part in discussion but not make decisions on behalf of a permanent member.

In circumstances where a committee member is no longer a member of staff of UniSey, has a long term illness, whereby he/she cannot work, leaves the country, is imprisoned or expresses his/her reason to cease membership with valid reasons, the Chairperson will nominate a replacement.

Business of the Committee

The Marketing and Communications Committee shall meet three times a year, at a duration of 2-3 hours per meeting.

Presently, Thursday has been designated for the work of the committee.

The Chairperson shall submit agenda points to the Secretary at least one week prior to the planned meeting and the Secretary will circulate to all members.

The minutes should be made available within 3 days of any meeting.


To conduct a meeting, 50% of the committee members need to be present (inclusive of non-permanent members).

For matters that require a vote, the Quorum shall be 50% of the permanent Marketing and Executive Committee.


 The Marketing Department shall be the Secretariat of the Committee.

The Secretary’s role will include responsibility for seeking the Chairperson’s contribution to agendas; compiling and circulating agenda papers; and disseminating relevant outcomes, minutes and information to members, follow up on matters to be addressed from the minutes of meeting and, where appropriate, the broader University community using the established protocols.

Chairperson Dolivette Chang-ko
Other Members
Secretary Petra Lesperance
Internal  Prema Servina
  Dario Hoareau
  Malshini Senaratne
  Maria Fanchette
Student Representative Allen Kimai
External Darell Bristol
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