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Credit Transfers

Students may be exempted from part of a UniSey programme where they have successfully completed a comparable component elsewhere.  A distinction is commonly made between credit transfers that can be automatically granted (usually where there is an equivalent qualification) and those which are discretionary.  Account is taken of content equivalence, learning outcomes, volume of learning and assessment methods. 

In all cases, applicants must complete a UniSey Credit Transfer Application Form.  It is the responsibility of the student to provide a verified and dated transcript of their past academic records and any other information (e.g. course handbook) that will assist in making a decision.  Only previous experience in suitably recognised institutions will be considered. 

Credit will not normally be granted for subjects completed more than ten years before application for exemption is made.  Moreover, credits will not normally be granted for exemptions exceeding 40% of a UniSey programme.

A decision – matched against specific criteria and guidelines – is taken by an academic at UniSey in a relevant subject area, in association with the Admissions Officer.

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