Student and Information Centre (KONPA)

Recognition of Prior Learning

Students may be admissible to a UniSey programme if they have acquired prior learning by a means other than a relevant academic qualification.  For instance, prior learning may be gained through professional experience.  In this kind of case, an academic judgement is made on whether there is comparability of learning ability and achievement.   Account is taken of verifiable skills, knowledge and competencies gained in the workplace or in another situation.

The applicant must provide evidence of work or other experience and/or completed non-accredited training such as professional development, leading to learning outcomes for the subject for which credit is sought.  Such evidence will include a curriculum vitae, certified copies of letters of appointment to previous and current jobs, an organizational chart to show the role played in employment, and relevant certificates of professional development.

A decision – matched against specific criteria and guidelines – is taken by an academic at UniSey in a relevant subject area, in association with a representative from the Student and Information Centre.

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