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First established in 2010 as an undergraduate programme, legal studies at Unisey have, since then, reached a new level of development and maturity. Today we are a small but growing and dynamic entity comprising a mix of highly qualified academic and practicing lawyers with an eminently international profile. The combination of our very diverse experiences and expertise makes the Unisey Law Department both a unique and stimulating environment to study law for both Seychellois and international students, and a great opportunity for legal scholars and practitioners.

Our core activity is the teaching of the University of London LLB, for which we are a registered centre. Alongside undergraduate studies, as a department we engage in a vast array of other initiatives including the academic direction of the Bar Vocational Course, specialised workshops, clinical legal education and high profile research projects of local and international relevance.



  • Office of the Chief Justice
  • Seychelles Legal Information Institute (SeyLII)
  • University of London

Clinical Legal Education

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