One of the aims of this Department is to value research linking sustainable tourism issues with heritage practices and policies. This is the originality and the strength of our work here in  Seychelles. Seychelles is well known for its success in building sustainable tourism policies but the link with heritage is a innovative field of research and consultancy.

Research Targets

  • Historical Development of Sustainable Tourism in Seychelles
  • Best Practices in Sustainable Tourism
  • Tourism Policies and Strategies
  • Tourism Industries and Economic Impacts
  • Environmental Issues and Tourism
  • Agrotourism
  • Staging of Cultural Practices in a Touristic Context
  • Safeguarding of Tangible Heritage and Creole Architecture
  • Safeguarding of Intangible Heritage and UNESCO Procedures
  • Promotion of Cultural Heritage
  • Promotion of Creole Culture
  • Interculturality, Multiculturalism and Tourism
  • Tourism Images and Imaginaries
  • Tourist Practices
  • Tourism, Identities and Postcolonialism
  • Spaces, Places and Territories of Tourism
  • Surveys and Research Methods in the Field
  • Multisited Ethnography and Comparative Approaches
  • Tools to Measure and Evaluate the Impact of Tourism Policies

Tourism and Cultural Heritage

Contact Us

Dr Madina Regnault
Head of Environment Department
Focal-Point IREST (University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne)

Anse Royale
P.O. Box 1348
Mahé, Seychelles

+248 4381222