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Good communication is essential if all sections of the University are to be effectively engaged and for the University to project itself effectively in the wider community. This committee will help to encourage useful debate and to inform the Senate of key issues.

Term of Reference are as follows:

  • To consider marketing initiatives and to contribute to an overall strategy;
  • To consider recruitment policies and to seek ways to increase numbers as appropriate;
  • To take an overview of the nature and quality of university communication is effective for all staff and students within the University;
  • To ensure that the voice of the UniSey Student Union is properly heard and understood;
  • To consider how wider Seychelles community views the University and to recommend new and innovative initiatives to strengthen local ties;
  • To review international partnerships and to strengthen and extend these as appropriate.

Membership will comprise:

  • Registrar (Chair)
  • Marketing Executives
  • PR & Communication
  • Representative (s) of Student Union
  • Representative (s) of academic faculty;
  • Representative (s) of support staff
  • Representative (s) of the district
  • Representative of the IT department at UniSey

The Marketing & Communications Committee will normally meet three times a year.