Planning and Resources

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The prime function of this committee is to advise on the sustainable operation and effective administration of the University.  It will provide the Senate with sound business data and advice.

Terms of reference for this committee are as follows:

  • to recommend annual budgets and monitor continuing expenditure against forecasts;
  • to ensure the development and implementation of an effective student management system and the production of essential statistics;
  • to consider appropriate HR policies for onward submission to the Senate;
  • to consider the University’s IT plans and operations;
  • to review campus needs and potential and to make suitable recommendations;
  • to consider the potential for and operation of purpose-built student accommodation;
  • to contribute to the development and monitoring of key University plans, in particular, the Business Plan;
  • to address other planning and resource issues as appropriate.

Membership will comprise:

  •     Head of Postgraduate Business (Chair);
  •     Marketing Manager;
  •     IT Manager;
  •     Human Resource Manager;
  •     Director of Campus Development;
  •     Campus Staff Representatives;
  •     Other members as required.

The Planning and Resources Committee will normally meet three times a year.