Department of Health and Social Care

University Health Clinic


In the 21st century, Universities can be seen as institutions, which can engage many citizens in different ways, to achieve different things, positive to their well-being.  The University of Seychelles occupies a unique position in society, ideally placed to offer a health-promoting settings/environment for continuous health activities for the benefits of the community and wider society where the students and staffs interact.

In this context, the University of Seychelles intends to partner with NGO’s and other stakeholders, to promote and protect the health of staffs, students and the community, with the intention of giving a helping hand in improving the health of the population. The University does not function in a vacuum; it is, therefore, essential that the University has a healthy relationship with the community where it is located.

This project aims to develop a health-promoting university which would help in promoting health for all, in a healthy-conducive working, learning and living environment. It is a project that has the potential to promote health through institutional activities, research, teaching and learning.

The challenges of many Staffs and students are to find time checking their health conditions and wellbeing. Due to their busy schedules, this is not always possible This is an opportunity to integrate health into the culture, processes and policies of the University.


The overall objective of the one-day activity is to provide a free health check-up service to staffs, students and community members, with the intent of promoting health among the population:

  • Improve health issues by early identification of health issues
  • Create a stress-free UniSey camp/Community
  • Enhance students and staff health welfare
  • Provide a debriefing space


The scope of the project is to facilitate a series of health activities on a continuous basis at the University. On that day, (to be decided later) the other activities will be introduced and presented to the participants and based on their interest, the University will incorporate these activities into a bigger project which will be offered on a continuous and long-term basis. These activities:

  • Yoga
  • Stress management
  • Counselling
  • Social work intervention & case management
  • Other health-related check-ups (on demands)


All of these activities aim to contribute to the Health of Our Nation (HOON) campaign. We believe that investing in a health-promoting university is an investment in the future. The outcomes of this project have several benefits, such as improving university public image, the profile of the university, the welfare of students and staff as well as the working conditions.

Universities, therefore, have an enormous potential to protect the health and promote the well-being of students, staff (academic and non-academic) and the wider community through their policies and practices. All these factors may have positive effects, such as:

  • enhancing the morale of those working in universities
  • maintaining a healthy and productive workforce, reducing staff absenteeism and encouraging students and staff to be fit to perform their duties
  • boosting student and staff recruitment
  • reducing student dropout
  • improving academic performance – healthier students are better learners

Key Stakeholder

  • Women’s Lion Club

Department of Health and Social Care

Video Presentation

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