Department of Law

Clinical Legal Education

Terms of Reference

The Law Department is launching its clinical legal education programme during the 2016-2017 academic year. The programme will commence following the conclusion of LLB final exams in June, and its work and activities will continue until September.

The aims of the programme are to expand the breadth of legal education for UniSey law students by exposing them to real-life projects and assignments in diverse areas of law; to conduct cutting-edge legal research in domestic and international law; and to facilitate domestic law reform and capacity-building.

The programme is organised into the following main areas:

  1. Domestic litigation: legal research assignments.
  2. International Law: research projects with partner international organisations.
  3. Magistrates’ Court: research projects in the areas of criminal law and sentencing.
  4. Law Reform and Capacity-building – Small Claims Court: research and preparation of draft legislation.

Participating students will be given assignments in the above areas and will work under close supervision. An introductory course on clinical legal education will introduce participating students to the complexities of a law clinic’s projects and activities. Students will also learn about working as an attorney or legal advisor, and understand lawyer’s professional responsibility. Students will be introduced to legal research tools and will improve their legal writing skills. They will visit courts in Seychelles and observe public proceedings. 

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