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Stuart Laing participated in setting up a new set of acoustic telemetry equipment on the Island of ‘Curieuse’. The equipment is a key data gathering tool of the project led by GVI for tracking juvenile lemon sharks around the island. The setup process involved rewiring the batteries and training field technicians to connect and download receiver data. Still to be tested...
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Jérôme Harlay attended the 11th symposium of WIOMSA (1 – 6 July 2019) on the theme: People, Coasts and Oceans: Opportunities for a changing future. He made two original oral presentations in two different sessions of the symposium: (I) Dissolved inorganic carbon speciation study with emphasis on ocean acidification and aragonite saturation in ‘Saya de...
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Jérôme Harlay attended a technical meeting on best practices for Ocean Acidification (OA) experiments in multi‐stressor scenarios. The meeting was hosted by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of the United Nations (UN) in Monaco from 24 – 28 June 2019. The purpose of the workshop was to develop and apply new methods and best...
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