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Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Climate Change Adaptation in the Seychelles As a Small Island Developing State (SIDS), Seychelles is quite vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, and adaptation is considered a national priority. Despite efforts to enhance its adaptive capacity, a number of barriers still hamper the adaptation process such as fragile institutions...
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Eleven BSc Environmental Science students in Year 2 went for a 2-day fieldwork on Praslin from the 18th to 19th January 2020.  Mr. Daniel Etongo and a team of experts from Seychelles and the University College London introduced the students to methods of undertaking caecilians and sooglossid, aquatic, water quality assessment and rapid qualitative vegetation surveys. ...
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Daniel Etongo, Jérôme Harlay and Nuette Gordon conducted a ‘Mainstreaming climate change adaptation into development planning’ short course from 22-24 July. It sought to equip participants with knowledge on climate change adaptation and mainstreaming along a continuum: terrestrial, coastal/estuary and ocean.     Key topics covered were: (I) Identifying and selecting adaptation options; (ii) Linking...
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On July 16, the Principal Secretary for Environment, Mr. Alain de Commarmond, handed over to the faculty samples of some corals that the ‘Nekton II- First Descent’ expedition collected, in March and April of this year. The samples have been added to BERI’s existing coral collection. The handing-over ceremony proper, in one of the labs,...
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The internal assessment board meeting for the BSc Environmental Science (BES) programme was held on July 4. It was followed by the external assessment board meeting on 11 July in the presence of the external examiner, Dr. Stuart Marsden from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. Prior to the session, Dr. Marsden held meetings with BES students...
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