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Computing and Information Systems

Work Experience Entry Route

Anse Royale
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Registration Deadline: 31st May 2020

The Computing and Information Systems (Work Experience Entry Route) is being delivered by UniSey at the licence of the University of London International Programmes.

Visit the Computing and Information Systems section on the University of London website for more information about the programme and its specifications. 

Note:  All applications must be submitted to the University of Seychelles.

An Alternative Entry Route

The Work Experience Entry Route provides an alternative entry route to the BSc degrees, making them accessible to a wider range of students. You take two courses and once successfully completed you may move directly on to the BSc.  This option is intended for applicants who do not  have the necessary academic qualifcations but have relevant work experience and are normally at least 21 years old.

The minimum time taken to complete a degree if the Work Experience Entry Route is followed is 4 years.


  • you can transfer your registration to the respective BSc with credit for the courses you have passed
  • you will then complete the other Level 4 courses that form part of the degree, together with up to two Level 5 courses
  • the Work Experience Entry Route is examined to the same standard as the Level 4 courses of the degree
  • you do not need to study through a teaching institution.


Level 4

Four compulsory courses:

CO1102 Mathematics for computing
CO1108 Information systems:
foundations of e-business
CO1109 Introduction to Java and object-oriented
CO1110 Introduction to computing and the Internet

Level 5

Four compulsory courses:

CO2209 Database systems
CO2220 Graphical object-oriented and Internet programming in Java
CO2222 Data communications and enterprise networking
CO2226 Software engineering, algorithm design and analysis

Level 6

Six half courses chosen from the following:

CO3310  Artificial intelligence
CO3311  Neural networks
CO3318  Information systems management
CO3323  Electronic commerce
CO3325  Data compression
CO3326  Computer security
CO3348  Interaction design
CO3352  Operations research and combinatorial optimisation
CO3353  Software engineering project management
CO3354  Introduction to Natural Language Processing
CO3355  Advanced graphics and animation
  • Successful candidates from Year 1 will complete the remaining modules on the programme in 3 years.
  • Sessions will be conducted one weekday and one Saturday per week.

Entry Requirements

  • normally* be aged 21 years or older before 1 September in the year you first register with the University and
  • have passed a minimum of four separate subjects at GCSE/GCE ‘O’ level (at not less than Grade C) including Mathematics or the equivalent (for equivalents, visit the Am I qualified? section on the University of London website) and
  • provide proof of competence in English which is acceptable to the University. A test of proficiency may be required (visit the English requirements section on the University of London website) and
  • have at least two years relevant work experience (i.e. with computing or IT elements either from a job in a computing-oriented company or a job in computing or IT).
  • Applications will be considered from applicants who do not meet the normal minimum age requirement for admission. Each application basis, and the decision taken at the discretion of the University of London.

Department of Computing and Information Systems


Submit the Programme Application Form either by:

Post: Student Registration & Admission Office, Anse Royale Campus, P.O. Box 1348, Victoria, Mahé; or


For more information, contact the Student and Information Centre on +248 4381225

Contact Us

Mr. Ajith Bandara
Head of Department
Computing and Information Systems

Anse Royale
P.O. Box 1348
Mahé, Seychelles

+248 4381222

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