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Efficient Writing for Institutional Communication


Anse Royale
Short Course
Academic direction from
University of Seychelles
Arts and Social Development
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The course provides instruction and practical training on different genres of written communication in business, academic and administrative environments. It includes three modules focusing, accordingly, on distinct features of written communication, essential language rules involved and different genres of institutional correspondence. The course caters to practitioners from different business, academic and administrative areas, as the ability to write effectively is currently deemed as a core career enhancing competence. However, specific targeted adjustments to the course can be made to meet the necessities and expectations of certain professional groups.


As a result of their participation in this course, it is anticipated that  the learners  will be able to:

  • Understand generic features of written communication.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of English grammar, punctuation and vocabulary relevant for institutional writing.
  • Identify different genres of institutional communication and their generic features.
  • Write efficiently in a variety of genres.



Learning Outcomes

1.      Distinct features of written communication Formulate generic features of written communication.
2.      Language and Grammar Focus Apply proper rules of English grammar, punctuation and appropriate vocabulary to write effectively.

3.      Genres of Institutional Communication

3.1  Official letter

3.2  Minutes

3.3  Taking notes

3.4  Memoranda

3.5  Report

3.6  Press-release

Produce documents within various genres of written institutional communication.




Class participation 50%
Assignments ( producing documents within various genres of written institutional communication) 50%


30 hours contact time


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