MA in Education (with PGCE as an Exit Point)

University of Seychelles Programme

MA in Education with PGCE Exit Point

Registration Deadline: 31st May 2022


The MA in Education is a Masters-level degree offered through a part-time study.  Participants can complete the programme over a period of three years. It is possible to exit with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education once 120 credits are earned.

The MA in Education aims to enable all participants to develop a personal response to the challenges they encounter in the field of education. A graduate of the MA in Education programme will be

  • informed by relevant literature and research and be bake to undertake an active and influential role in the education community
  • able to undertake an active and influential role in the education community
  • able to describe and articulate practice.


  • The courses are offered through face to face sessions with some options for online learning. Digitised readings are provided, where possible, and recommended texts acts as programme readers.
  • The participant will interact with their tutors and other students during face to face sessions and via email.
  • The MA in Education programme aims to ensure that graduates:
  • Possess the knowledge and skills to attain qualified teacher status (PGCE).
  • Engage with theoretical perspectives in education studies.
  • Respond intellectually to the challenges and opportunities in education.
  • Critically reflect on their current practice and those of others
  • Engage in small scale educational research in order to inform and improve practice practice and /or policy.


Full-time: 3 years

Language of Study


Entry  Requirements

To be eligible for the MA in Education programme you must have:

  • an ADE and at least 4 years full time working experience as a teacher
  • a Bachelor Degree
  • transferred 60 credits from a PGCE (or similar programme), and gaining relevant number of credits at Level 9, to make up for the full 160 credits.


SCR 100,000 per year *

*Fees are subject to change. 

The University offers flexible payment plans and special tuition fees for self funding students. Kindly contact us for more information regarding these fees.