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The Marine Science and Sustainability taught Masters Degree at  UniSey is a 13-month programme commencing in January every year. The programme comprises coursework and a mini dissertation (research project).


This takes place during the first half of the year, and comprises the following modules:

  • Marine Science
  • Research Methods & Skills
  • Coastal Systems Dynamics
  • Marine Ecosystems & Sustainability
  • Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation
  • Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Capstone module


Students are expected to complete a 6-month research project  on a topic related to marine science. Students will work together with a research supervisor to develop a research project topic during the year, according  to their interests. The second half of the course will be dedicated to project work.

The coursework and mini dissertation can be broken down into three levels that students must complete and pass in order to be awarded with an MSc degree.

  • Level 1: forms a Postgraduate Certificate consisting of three courses: Marine Science, Research Methods and Skills and Coastal Systems Dynamics.
  • Level 2: forms a Postgraduate Diploma consisting of four additional courses: Marine Ecosystems & Sustainability, Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation, Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction and Capstone Project.
  • Level 3: forms the MSc degree through the completion of a mini Research Project, in addition to all the course modules.

The programme structure allows students to be flexible in how they complete each level. This allows busy      professionals to complete one level at a time. For example, the Masters programme can be taken full-time over one year, or can be taken over several years by completing Level 1 in the first year and Level’s 2 and 3 in following years.

For a more information about the course, contact: 

Ms. Rachel Onezime


Submit the Programme Application Form either by:

Post: Student Registration & Admission Office, Anse Royale Campus, P.O. Box 1348, Victoria, Mahé; or


For more information, contact the Student and Information Centre on +248 4381225

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