Forum on “Rethinking Human Rights and Justice in Seychelles”

The Centre organised a forum on “Rethinking Human Rights and Justice in Seychelles” on Monday 22nd May 2017, at the Guy Morel Institute (Ma Joie campus) at 1.30pm.


It is commonly believed that violence is an effective way of dealing with issues as diverse as overthrowing dictators, bringing up good children, deterring criminal behaviour and preventing or short-cutting civil wars. But are such common beliefs an adequate foundation on which to base policy and practice? This forum seeks to examine evidence regarding the effectiveness and costs of corporal punishment of children and retributive justice for those who break the law. Comparisons are made with nonviolent forms of child discipline and restorative justice approaches to law breakers.


The aim of the discussion is to bring professionals, academics, policymakers and educators to exchange knowledge, experience and discuss theories, good practices and challenges to rethinking human rights and justice in Seychelles.

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