In memory of Robert Chaudenson / An memwar Robert Chaudenson

Photo Credit © La société JIR GROUPE MEDIA

The University of Seychelles wishes to express its sincere regret and condolences towards the family of Prof. Robert Chaudenson, who passed away yesterday, Tuesday 7th April, 2020. Prof. Chaudenson is renowned for his contribution towards the study of French creoles, especially Indian Ocan creoles. For many years, he has played a major role in creole studies in his capacity as the President of the International Creole Studies Committee, which is based at the University of Provence, France. In the context of Seychelles, Prof. Chaudenson is known for his theory that Seychelles Creole is the third generation of ‘Bourbonnais’ creole (ancient Reunionese creole), after having migrated first to Mauritius, and then to Seychelles (Chaudenson, 1974). In spite of the fact that this theory has been highly contested by other linguists (Baker and Corne, 1982…), Prof. Robert Chaudenson is still a giant in creole studies. On behalf of the Seychellois people and the Management of the University of Seychelles, and the Creole Language and Culture Research Institute, we would like to say goodbye to Prof. Robert Chaudenson, and thank him for the intellectual legacy he has left us.

Liniversite Sesel i oule eksprim son regre e kondoleans anver lafanmir Prof. Robert Chaudenson, ki ti desede yer, Mardi le 7 Avril, 2020. Prof. Chaudenson i renonmen pour son kontribisyon dan letid Kreol Franse, e sirtou Kreol Losean Endyen. Pandan bokou lannen, i’n zwe en rol enportan dan lakademi kreol, sirtou dan son rol koman Prezidan Komite Enternasyonal Letid Kreol, ki baze kot Liniversite Provence, Lafrans. Dan konteks Sesel, Prof. Chaudenson i koni koman enn bann gran teoris lo lorizin Kreol Seselwa, ki dapre bann letid ki i’n fer, i montre ki Kreol Seselwa i trwazyenm zenerasyon Kreol Bourbonnais (ansyen Kreol Renyonnen), apre ki sa kreol in fer son parkour atraver Moris, dabor. Donk Kreol Morisyen, dapre Chaudenson, i dezyenm zenerasyon Kreol Bourbonnais, e Kreol Seselwa in vin atraver migrasyon ant sa trwa zil Kreol, me sirtou ant Sesel ek Moris (1974). Malgre ki in annan bokou kontestasyon sa teori (Baker & Corne, 1982, etc…), Robert Chaudenson i reste en zean dan domenn letid Kreol. Delapar tou Seselwa ek Zesyon Liniversite Sesel, ensi ki Lenstiti Resers pour Lalang ek Kiltir Kreol, nou swet Prof. Chaudenson adye, e dir li mersi pour sa leritaz ki i’n kit pour nou dan domenn entelektyel.