International English Language Day

On the 23d April 2018 the Department of Languages and Media offered a number of activities to celebrate the International English Language Day, the UNESCO initiative since 2010. On this day at UniSey you could enhance your English awareness with a poster presentation from which staff, students and guests could learn interesting facts about English: its structure, history, social and cultural variation. The posters also featured witty sayings in English from writers, philosophers, politicians, etc.

You also had a chance to boost your command of English attending the interactive masterclass on Idiomatic and Humorous Language, conducted by Dr Olga Klymenko. Through a brief exposure to the essence of idiomatic language and play on words, participants were able to engage in a series of exciting practical language inquiries, getting first-hand experience of spotting, analyzing and commenting on language facts.

Another activity on the English Language Day agenda catered to those who like reading and would like to learn more about language tools for poetic expression. Extracts from classical English poetry and fiction were presented by UniSey students from different departments (Department of Law, Environmental Science, French, etc.). Listeners could relish English at its best, indulging in the beauty of the language and also learning about authors and genres, various expressive means and devices, such as sound instrumenting, metaphor, hyperbole, repetition, etc.