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Book “Invasive Alien Species in Seychelles”

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This book addresses conservation practitioners, island managers, scientists, naturalists and any person willing to learn more about invasive species and how to fight them.

Part one of the book provides information about invasive species and how they threaten ecosystems, public health, and the national economy. It details the importance of invasive species management to undertake ecological restoration on islands, and in the recovery of globally threatened species. It showcases the remarkable response Seychelles has made to invasive species and highlights the country’s achievements in eradicating and controlling invasive vertebrates on islands. Strategies to prevent new invasions, and management techniques to contain, control or eradicate invasive species, or to mitigate their impacts, are described. Examples of methods to monitor biodiversity and to document ecosystem recovery are presented. Species in Seychelles of particular concern as invasive are listed.

Part two provides detailed species accounts for the main invasive plants and animals in Seychelles (creepers, trees, bushes, aquatic plants, rats and other mammals, birds, reptiles, mosquitoes, snails, ants and other invertebrates). For each species, distribution maps, its ecology and the threats it poses, control and eradication attempts in Seychelles and the region, and detailed management recommendations and lessons learned are provided. Species accounts and a number of case-studies cover a total of 44 invasive species, half of which are among the 100 worst invasive species that affect many islands and countries worldwide. Key publications, websites, guides and toolkits, are provided, as well as more than 600 bibliographical references

Table of contents

Part 1 Why and how to eliminate IAS? Impacts and Management options

  • Chapter 1 Why fight Invasive Species?

  • Chapter 2 Restoring Islands to save species: The Seychelles Experience

  • Chapter 3 Preventing new invasions and defining priorities for action

  • Chapter 4 How to eliminate invasive alien species

  • Chapter 5 Which management option to choose?

  • Chapter 6 Improving knowledge and measuring change

  • Chapter 7 Which are the species that require particular attention for being or becoming invasive

Part 2 Identification and management of priority species


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