National Symposium on Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity

The Centre was officially invited to participate in the National Symposium on truth, reconciliation and national unity. The Symposium was organised by the Seychelles National Assembly’s Truth and Reconciliation Committee on Sunday 7th May 2017, at the International Conference Centre Seychelles.  The Project Manager of the Centre, Ms Diana Benoit, presented an overview of the Centre; its vision and mission; goals for the future while reinforcing the Centre’s support for the works which the Committee and eventually the Commission will undertake. The Centre’s academic associate, Professor Geoffrey Harris from the International Centre for Nonviolence at the Durban University of Technology, South Africa also spoke on reconciliation, the healing process and restorative justice during the Symposium.  The proposals made by the public during the Symposium will be used by the Committee to make recommendations to the Government on the structure and composition of the most appropriate national forum to deal with the issues of unity and national reconciliation, and the procedure it should utilise to that end.