New Appointment – Holger Anlauf

Dr. Holger Anlauf has been appointed as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Environment and a research member of the Blue Economy Research Institute (BERI) in July 2019. He is a coral reef ecologist, scientific diver, and marine scientist.  During his PhD at the University of Southampton he investigated changes in the molecular mechanism of the diurnal calcification cycle in the model coccolithophore Emilinia huxleyi.  However, his main interest has always been tropical marine ecosystems, particularly coral reefs, and how their services and functions can be maintained in possible future ocean scenarios.  Prior to joining the University of Seychelles, he was involved in extensive coral reef monitoring projects studying local and regional anthropogenic impacts on coral reefs in the Red Sea.  He also investigated the effects of a full greenhouse scenario on recruitment and early survivorship of corals in Panama and has become an expert in cooperating adaptation and assisted evolution approaches in coral reef restoration.