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Andre Labiche

Island Biodiversity and Conservation

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Dr. Gérard Rocamora


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André Labiche obtained in 2002 a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Management from the Edith Cowan University of Western Australia. His areas of interest and expertise include birds, invasive species management (particularly rodents), vegetation management and ecosystem restoration. He worked several years implementing local environmental projects with the Department of Environment of the Ministry of Environment, then with the Island Conservation Society between 2005 and 2009 as Biologist Project Officer for the FFEM funded ‘Rehabilitation of Island Ecosystems’ project. He has considerable experience in the management of invasive species and played a key role in several rat eradication on islands (Conception, several islands of Cosmoledo Atoll, Grande Soeur, Petite Soeur). He is also knowledgeable in monitoring techniques for landbirds, reptiles, invertebrates and plants. In particular, he has been since 2013 a key player for all monitoring and research activities of the Seychelles White-eye Recovery Programme, including in the latest translocations undertaken by IBC between Ile du Nord and Frégate and Grande Soeur islands. He has also been involved with island translocations and monitoring of giant tortoises and terrapins. André also works part-time as a private environmental management practitioner with control of invasive plants, the replanting of native woodland including mangroves, and the control of invasive birds.

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