Dr. Bruno Senterre

Botanist & Database Designer/Manager
Island Biodiversity and Conservation (IBC) Centre

Dr. Bruno Senterre is an international consultant originally from Belgium and resident in Seychelles since 2008. His main expertise is in botany and various fields of ecology, as well as with database design and management. His main focus is on the study of habitat-types in tropical regions as a way to study levels of organization of biodiversity more generally. His general approach is based on trans-disciplinarity, conceptual and complex thinking. Trained as a tropical agronomy engineer, he has twenty years of experience in environmental studies including scientific research, consultancy, project management, teaching and training of young researchers in Europe and in developing countries. Bruno has a deep knowledge and experience in the fields of general ecology (including restoration ecology, conservation ecology and functional ecology), vegetation typology, vegetation taxonomy, biogeography and biological invasions. He has years of experience in biodiversity inventories in complex environments including tropical rain forests, tropical islands, montane forests ecology and fragmented habitats. The strength of his methodology is based on a typically trans-disciplinary approach, establishing analogies and homologies between concepts in the fields of specialization mentioned above. His main interest is therefore the one of a system ecologist and a naturalist. His field experience is extensive, including several years spent in the forests of central Africa (Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo) and extending to the Caribbean, central America, the Seychelles and Malaysia. His technical knowledge includes GIS (Geographic Information Systems), statistics, biodiversity field inventory and assessments, implementing restoration programs, risk analysis, conception and creation of databases, herbarium curation, numerical taxonomy and development of interactive species identification tools.

Contact Us

Dr Gérard Rocamora

Anse Royale
P.O. Box 1348
Mahé, Seychelles

+248 4381236

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Twitter : @IBCUniSey

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