Dr. Nuette Gordon

Senior Lecturer / Head of Department
Department of Environment

Research Member
Blue Economy Research Institute

Focus areas: Coastal ecology, phytoplankton dynamics, diatom taxonomy, aquaculture, estuarine ecology, harmful algal blooms

BERI Focal Point: Biological Water Quality and Aquaculture

Nuette joined the University of Seychelles in January 2019. She is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Environment and a research member of BERI. She holds a PhD in Palaeolimnology and Estuarine Ecology from Nelson Mandela University, South Africa. Nuette has spent the last three years in the commercial sector where she was the Research Manager for South Africa’s largest abalone aquaculture farm. Her research interests include coastal and estuarine ecology, water quality, climate change, harmful algal blooms, phytoplankton dynamics, diatom taxonomy and aquaculture. Her past research experience includes postdoctoral research in shallow water ecosystems within arid regions of South Africa that were earmarked for shale gas fracking. Nuette has also participated in a number of Reserve Determination Studies for freshwater requirements of estuaries along the South African coastline using GIS and modelling.