Dr. Olga Klymenko

Associate Professor / Assistant Head of Department / Acting Head of ESERI
Department of Languages and Media

Dr. Olga Klymenko holds a university degree in language teaching and a doctoral degree in comparative linguistics. She has 27 years of experience with tertiary education, starting as a lecture in English at Lugansk University (Ukraine) 1995 and then moving to Donetsk National University (Ukraine), where she worked till 2014, progressing to Associate Professor of English.  Apart from teaching theoretical and practical courses of English and Linguistics, she supervised Master’s theses and was a member of the Doctoral Committee of the above university.

Dr. Klymenko joined University of Seychelles in October 2014. Since 2015 she has held the position of an Associate Professor at the Department of Languages and Media. From 2016 to 2022 she was the Assistant Head of this Department, responsible for Media and Communication direction. As part of this duty, she coordinated the development of the Diploma in Journalism, the first local media programme offered at the university level in the Seychelles. From 2019 to 2022 Dr Klymenko was the Head of this programme when it was run for the first cohort of students. She also coordinated the development of BEd English, which was successfully certified by Seychelles Qualifying Authority and is currently offered at UniSey. In February 2022, Dr Klymenko was given the responsibility of Acting Head of the Education and Socio-Economic Research Institute at UniSey.

Dr. Klymenko has been lecturing on a wide range of courses from level 4 to 6 for various programmes at UniSey (the Diploma in Journalism, BA English, BEd English, Master`s of Educational Leadership). She facilitated such courses as Introduction to English Language, Approaches to Text, Varieties of English, Language and Gender, Language and the Media, Postcolonial, American and Victorian Literature, English in the Context of Journalism, Academic Writing. The evidence of quality of her teaching is in successively high pass rates and positive students` evaluation in a number of cohorts.

As a senior academic, Dr. Klymenko is engaged in institutional governance: she is a member of the Senate and the Board of Arts and Social Development Faculty. She is also a member of two UniSey Senate Committees: The Research Committee and The International and Local Engagement Committee.

Dr Klymenko`s scientific interests are in the sphere of semantics, sociolinguistics, multilingualism and language typology (English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Seychellois Creole). One of her recent projects, carried out in collaboration with Creole Language and Culture Research Institute at UniSey, was dealing with Seychellois Creole verbs descriptivity. The results of this project were reported in one local and two international conferences, and also in three publications (2018-2019) in scientific journals.   Dr Klymenko`s current project explores the impact of family and media on second Language English acquisition in small children in the Seychelles. Altogether, Dr. Klymenko has over 30 publications in Russian, Ukrainian and English.

Married, two children.



Recent Publications:

Klymenko, O. (2022). The Stories Told by Dictionaries: Representation of women and men in lexicographic illustrations in Seychelles Creole.  Seychelles Research Journal 4 (2), 50-64. Available at: the_stories_told_by_dictionaries-representation_of_women_and_men_in_lexicographic_illustrations_in_seychelles_creole-olga_klymenko-srj-4-2.pdf (wordpress.com)


Klymenko, O. (2021) Realization of CREATED OBJECT of English and Seychellois Creole Graphic Verbs.  Créoles: enjeux éducatifs et culturels, (2021), UniSey Press, Seychelles.

Klymenko, O. (2020) ‘Scaling language competition in a small island state: Graphic verbs in Seychellois Creole and English’. Small States & Territories Journal 3 (1), 5-116, accessible at 

OAR@UM: Scaling language competition in a small island state : graphic verbs in Seychellois Creole and English

Klymenko, O. (2020) ‘Descriptivity of Graphic Verbs in Seychellois Creole in Seychelles’. Seychelles Research Journal  2 (1), 98-108, ISSN 1659-7435 at https://seychellesresearchjournalcom.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/descriptivity_of_graphic_verbs_in_seychellois_creole_seychelles-olga_klymenko-srj-2-1.pdf



Acting Head of the Education and Socio-Economic Research Institute

Member of UniSey Research Committee

Member of UniSey International and Local Engagement Committee

Internal Advisor for Seychelles Research Journal


Education and Socio-Economic Research Institute

Dr. Olga Klymenko

Acting Head of ESERI



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