Senior Lecturer

Senior Lecturer
Post title: Senior Lecturer
Report to: HOD ➜ Dean
Academic qualification: Masters or PhD
Professional experience:

6 years post qualifying relevant experience.

Must be an experienced trainer

University or other tertiary level teaching and research experience and evidence of publication

Additional criteria:

Academic ability of a high order

Aptitude for original research; Ability to lead research teams

Enjoyment in, and aptitude for, teaching; Good oral and written communication skills

Confidence in presenting information to an audience and fielding questions

Ability to work as part of a team

High quality leadership skills; Organisational and supervisory skills

Ability to analyse and solve problems; Capacity to bid for projects.

Main duties and responsibilities

1. Teaching, Learning and Assessment

1.1 Delivery / contact hours

  •  Maximum 15hrs and Minimum 09hrs
  • Record students’ attendance (students must sign for each session)
  • Submit Attendance Sheet to HoD every month (proof of delivery hours)
  • Regular reports on students’ attendance must be submitted to HoD

Teaching levels

  • Workshops, Short courses, Certificate to Masters.  
  • Can also participate in PhD tutorials under supervision of an Associate Professor or a Professor.


  • Provide students with a relevant and stimulating range of learning opportunities and experiences within the subject area, consistent with the programme overall objectives.
  • Keep abreast of international developments within the academic discipline and/or professional practice of the subject area and share this knowledge to shape curricular content, design and delivery.
  • Implement new innovative methods in preparation.
  • Use multimedia to offer a more diversified teaching.
  • Include a mixture of theory and practical in sessions.
  • Develop and produce appropriate learning materials.
  • Submit course / module outline as well as a brief Scheme of Work to HoD latest 2 weeks after first session.


  • Set (as per UniSey standard) and mark (according to agreed marking scheme with HoD) exams for modules and items taught.
  • Submit 1 copy of exam paper and marking scheme to HoD.
  • Mark student dissertation.
  • Provide feedback to students within reasonable time frame.
  • Submit results with comments on deadline given by HOD.
  • Moderate exams within area(s) of expertise
  • Invigilate as per Department / Faculty / UniSey requirements.
  • Perform Assessment Board Duties as required.
  • Enter required information/data on IFNOSS.


  • At least 1 tutorial session per student per academic year.
  • UniSey Tutorial Sheet must be completed and signed by students after each tutorial session.
  • Specific time must be allocated for tutorials on weekly timetable.
  • Regular reports on students’ progress must be submitted to HoD


  • Supervision of student projects and complete UniSey Project Supervision Sheet as per Department / Faculty / UniSey requirements.
  • Supervision of students on internship/WBE and complete UniSey Internship Supervision Sheet as per Department / Faculty / UniSey requirements.

Curriculum development

  • Be responsible for the design of own courses and assessment methods.
  • Participate in the development and validation of new programmes/courses
  • Collaborate with colleagues on the implementation of assessment procedures and review student progress and retention.
  • Tackle issues affecting the quality of delivery within scope of own level of responsibility, referring more serious matters to others, as appropriate.

Research and innovation

  • Team member or leader on at least 1 research project per academic year.
  • At least 1 research initiative every 2 years.
  • Participate in and / or lead research in response to the country’s national development.
  • Apply / bid for research funding.
  • Participate in and develop research networks that could benefit UniSey.
  • Participate in a group or write alone at least 2 published papers in a 3 years time frame.

Quality assurance and enhancement

  • Be committed to and play a significant part in the total quality management of the subject area.
  • Participate in assessment and evaluation of curriculum design and the quality of teaching and learning provided by subject staff.
  • Make contributions of appropriate quality to programmes being prepared for review and/or validation.
  • Support the University Quality Management processes.

Mentoring and pastoral care

  • Participate in peer review activities.
  • Advise, mentor and support both students and the less experienced colleagues.
  • Act as a Personal Tutor to students.
  • Support students on academic, career and personal development matters.

General duties and responsibilities as Department and Faculty staff

  • Contribute to the recruitment and selection of students including attendance at open days and other recruitment and marketing events.
  • Attend meetings and conferences as required.
  • Secure student placements and facilitate outreach work.
  • Market the Department / Faculty.
  • Participate in and develop external networks.
  • Identify sources of funding; generate income; develop ideas for generating income.
  • Obtain consultancy projects
  • Conduct Training Needs Analysis for Customised products
  • Develop and implement new workshops.
  • Participate in social activities, or build relationships for future activities.
  • Work within and actively support the Strategic Plan of the Department and Faculty.
  • Participate in the preparation of departmental budgets and associated reports.
  • Collaborate with regard to the formulation of course timetable.
  • Promote excellent working atmosphere within the Department and Faculty

General duties and responsibilities as UniSey staff

  • Work within and actively support the Strategic Plan of the University.
  • Promote excellent working atmosphere within the University.
  • Promote and adhere to the University health and safety strategy.
  • Support, promote and adhere to the University policy of total inclusion, fairness and diversity.
  • Engage at institutional level in communication, workshops, regional and national activities/committees, professionalism, etc.
  • Engage in social activities.

Professional development

  • Be responsible for continuing self-initiated professional development.
  • Participate in University staff development initiatives related to teaching and learning.
  • Attend training programmes as identified and agreed for appropriate development.
  • Engage in professional development activities as required to support and stimulate good research practices.

Deadline for receipt of application: 26th October 2019

Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Interested candidates are requested to send their CV and a covering letter with copies of academic certificates to the Human Resource Manager on email:                    , cc’d to and