Teaching Report Writing to HFC

From 16th July to 26th July 2018, the Department of Languages and Media offered a course of Report Writing to Housing Finance Company (HFC). The course was facilitated by Dr. Olga Klymenko and delivered to two groups of, correspondingly, 13 and 15 employees representing different operational departments of the company. The purpose of this 20 hour training was to improve the report writing techniques of the staff. The participants of the course were motivated, disciplined and punctual, actively engaging in practical activities and discussions. They demonstrated good response to the training subject matter, showing improvement in the areas addressed, and, thus, indicating that the objective and the learning outcomes of the course were met. As follows from the course feedback, the exercise proved to be beneficial not only in terms of knowledge construction, but also in identifying further ways of cooperation between HFC and Languages and Media Department indicating how else the latter can contribute to the company`s staff professional development.


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