The awarding of honorary degrees by the university

UniSey has established procedures for the conferment of Honorary Degrees and invites nominations for potential recipients from the community.

What is an honorary degree?

Normally, a degree is awarded to an individual to mark the successful completion of a programme of academic study at the University.  In contrast, an honorary degree is where the University exercises its discretion to recognise those who have made profound and enduring contributions to scholarship and/or enterprise and/or culture, and who have in one way or another improved the quality of life in our nation.  Achievements of national or international significance deserve priority consideration.  Because of the prestigious nature of the award, it will normally take the form of an Honorary Doctorate.

It is important that recipients be persons of great integrity, as the choices the university makes will reflect its values as an institution. Finally, recipients should serve as an example of ambition and achievement to the University’s students and graduates, as well as to the wider population.

Awards will normally be made at the University’s annual Graduation Ceremony on the 29th November 2019.

How can nominations be made?

Initial nominations may be made by any Seychellois citizen.  No person may nominate more than one potential recipient in any calendar year. 

There is no common format for such nominations, although the proposer should give a brief summary of the individual’s accomplishments and reasons for the individual to be considered for an honorary award from the University of Seychelles.  The initial nomination should:

–  describe the individual’s accomplishments, including contributions to society through endeavour in one or more fields of enterprise, culture, scholarship, science, or the arts;

–  include, a brief biography of the individual; and

–  be signed by the proposer.

Nominations may be made by letter and in confidence to:

Mrs Luciana Lagrenade, Registrar, University of Seychelles, PO Box 1348, Anse Royale, Mahé

Such nominations should be received by the Registrar not later than 31st August 2019

How will recipients of an honorary degree be selected?

After initial consideration, the Honorary Awards Committee – which comprises members from the University’s governing Council – may request additional material in support of a nomination.

Final approval of awards shall be made by the Council, after due consultation with the Chancellor and upon the recommendation of the Honorary Awards Committee.

Every effort will be made to ensure that individual nominations and discussions of nominees be kept confidential throughout the process. No publicity shall be issued regarding the nominees until final approval is obtained.

The University reserves the right to withdraw any honorary award so bestowed should the recipient in any way bring discredit the University by word or deed following acceptance of the said award.

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