The Department of Languages and Media participating in Seychelles Arts Festival 2018

The Department of Languages and Media fully subscribes to UniSey’s commitment of knowledge dissemination. Recent Seychelles Arts Festival (November 2018), bringing together artists, musicians and poets, proved to be an efficient medium to share some of the department’s expertise.

Dr. Klymenko’s presentation “Understanding and Respecting Standards in Artistic Production” set out to explore some challenges generic conventions and the concept of authorship may face in the ever changing cultural context.

To what extent and with what implications are genre standards respected in creative pursuit and striving for originality? How relevant or tangible is the concept of originality and authorship in the contemporary creative paradigm? The discussion was carried out in the framework of semiotics, facilitated by such theoreticians of culture as Roland Bathes, Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, etc., whereby human culture is interpreted through a language modelled structure and ‘read’ as text. Accordingly, texts are broadly understood as any cultural products taking different modes of representation, not limited to linguistic signs but rather multimodal, including sound and visual dimensions, e,g, pictures, photos, films, songs, etc.