UniSey Launches New Research Journal


UniSey is launching a new publication, Seychelles Research Journal. Itis an online journal with two issues each year, in February and August. In the interests of sharing knowledge as widely as possible it is open access, making it free to all readers.

The aim of the journal is to not only to highlight research at the university but also to offer researchers across Seychelles an opportunity to share their various findings. It includes research undertaken within as well as about Seychelles.Boundaries are drawn loosely in another way, too, with relevant studies undertaken in neighbouring islands and other small island states.

At the heart of the journal are scholarly articles on a variety of topics. But there is plenty of interest for the general reader too, including an interview in each issue with a leading researcher and reports of local and international conferences.

The first issue includes an interview with Dr Conrad Shamlaye, renowned internationally for his long-term study of child development as well as other important studies. This is followed in the main body of the journal by a collection of articles drawn from a colloquium at the university organized by Dr Justin Valentin. Although the topics vary, one thing that unites them is a common interest in interdisciplinary approach. Conference reports this time feature an account by Penda Choppy of the much-acclaimed 16th International Creole Studies Colloquium, heldat the university during the 2018 Creole Week.

Seychelles Research Journal (SRJ) succeeds an earlier UniSey publication, Island Studies: Indian Ocean, Océan Indien, an attractive, hard-copy version that won many friends. The editor of that, Dr Kris Valaydon, has since left the university and it seemed timely to develop the concept into the new online format.

Volume 1, Number 1 of SRJ can now be viewed at www.seychellesresearchjournal.com, together with details of how to contribute to future issues.