Vice-Chancellor’s Speeches

2020 Easter Message

9th April 2020

Dear colleagues,

I am confident that in whatever context you may be, you are following what is happening at UniSey while at the same time you are keeping safe. It is our responsibility to break the chain of transmission of COVID 19 and according to the health authority this can be achieved through social distancing – a practice which may not be fully applied especially at home.

On March 15th, UniSey took a bold step to stop all contact (face to face) teaching and to move online. Moreover, we triggered the work from home mode and we invited everybody where applicable, to move into that mode of operation. Most people could transfer their office from the campus to their home. Some however, due to the nature of their work could not. I fully understand when some people claimed that they cannot work from home. Now with this “pseudo lockdown” in force, we have practically no choice but to stay at home.

I must at this stage thank you for keeping UniSey open and active from a distance. I have not recorded any complaint that UniSey cannot be reached. Student learning is progressing very well and our day to day transactions are moving as expected. The COVID 19 Management team is with it. We are meeting on a weekly basis through TEAMS and in touch on whatsapp to ensure that we maintain the activities of the university. Colleagues, do keep the hard work. UniSey is winning!!!

I have to admit however, that we have not had time to train all our staff to get them to embrace the work from home modality. Things have happened to soon and too fast. This is something that we should take up as soon as we resume.

My dear colleagues, I am drawing massive lessons from this present situation that we are in. As part of your reflection, I am now inviting you to start reflecting on the following points:

  1. a) UniSey as a centre for Online and Distance Learning (ODL). Many Universities across the world will embark on this mode of learning so we should be able to compete as well.
  2. b) UniSey as the main local training institution in the post COVID-19 aftermath. The country will look upon us for tertiary and higher education. We need to be ready. I will later on in a different platform, engage all our academics into this conversation. We need to start looking for more programmes.

Now let me turn on to Easter time. As we normally do, let us break virtually for Holy Thursday. Easter Monday is public Holiday. We shall resume full duty on my birthday (Easter Tuesday).

My I take this opportunity to wish each one of you a peaceful Paschal Triduum and A Happy Easter with your family.

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