Campus Infrastructure Development Committee

Technology Sub-Committee


The UniSey Strategic Plan 2017-2021 emphasises the need for “facilities and high-quality teaching and research areas which are fit for purpose is critical in in achieving our objectives. The quality of our facilities is a cornerstone of our teaching and learning strategy. The key definition of success for our systems in 2020 includes:

  • Ergonomically designed – with a people focus; student success orientated; straight to the desktop, simple to use, needing to be acted upon only once and predictive of necessary people action and interaction.
  • Ethical and environmentally sound.
  • Technologically integrated – we need to develop a set of core systems that seamlessly talk to one another and provide and utilise critical sets of data that are stored just once but used many times.
  • Externally connected – outward facing so they connect with wider societal developments and communicate with them in a seamless manner – for example, integrating our Virtual Learning Environment with public social networks
  • Resilient, robust and coherent – flexible enough to be adaptable to new developments and to link into partners’ and other stakeholders’ (including students’) own resources.
  • Value for money and return on investment. Systems which are SMART, transparent and accessible.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – across all areas of The Universities activities (HR, Finance, IT, Housekeeping, Student Services, our managed Learning Environment (IFNOSS or alternative EBS, BlackBoard). In accordance with quality assurance and improvement.”

Roles and Responsibilities

Reporting to the Senate’s Campus Infrastructure Development Committee, the advisory Sub-Committee’s mandate is as follows:

  1. Make recommendations to the Campus Infrastructure Committee for Senate approval of all Information and Communication Technology (ICT) policies.
  2. Make recommendations to the Campus Infrastructure Committee in relation to significant technological investments which support the Strategic Plan.
  3. Monitor trends in education relating to ICT development in order to make appropriate recommendations for UniSey, while considering the latter’s service trends and demands on technology.
  4. Reviewing and recommending for approval, ICT projects developed by and for the University.
  5. Additional matters delegated by the Campus Infrastructure Development Committee.


The members of the Sub-Committee will commit to:

  • making all attempts to attend all scheduled meetings and communicating absences in a timely manner
  • sharing all communications and information across all members
  • making timely decisions and taking action so as to not hold up any projects.

Members of the Sub-Committee will expect:

  • that each member will be provided with complete, accurate and meaningful information in a timely manner
  • to be given reasonable time to make key decisions
  • open and honest discussions.



Christine Pejakovic

Alternate Chairperson

Bijay George

Other Members


Solomampionona Andriamiharisoa


Diana Benoit


Dolivette Chang-Ko


Christian Servina


John Lesperence


Hendrick André or Jude Louis




Governing Body

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