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Welcome to the University of Seychelles

Faculty of
Arts and Social Development

Office of the Dean

Dr. Justin Zelime

Ms. Patsy Asman


Computing and Information Systems

Become a regional leader in providing high quality education and research in the area of Information and computer technology and engineering.

Education, Languages and Media

To engage all educational stakeholders in debates about educational improvement and to foster a sense of critical reflection among stakeholders

Health and Social Care

To have competent and highly skilled professionals able to provide quality services in response to the needs of individuals, families, groups and communities in the evolving societies.

Research Institutes and Education Centres

Creole Language and Culture Research Institute (CLCRI)

The Creole Language and Culture Research Institute (CLCRI) was set up by the University of Seychelles in October 2016, to stimulate, facilitate and lead research in Creole studies in the country, with particular attention to the Seychellois Creole language and culture.

Education and Socio-Economic Research Institute (ESERI)

The Education and Socio-Economic Research Institute (ESERI) was activated in February 2022 to support UniSey`s contribution to sustainable societal development in education and socio-economic domains.

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