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Department of Environment


Department of Environment

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Dr. Nuette Gordon 

Head of the Department of Environment


+248 438 1220

The Department of Environment is ideally located alongside the Anse Royale Bay and surrounding mountains. This setting offers our students a unique opportunity to study and practise environmental science in both marine and terrestrial environments, with access to research laboratories and infrastructure that ensures well-rounded and skilled young scientists are created.


To enable knowledgeable and skilled graduates passionate about addressing environmental challenges encountered in Seychelles, in the region and beyond, and provide sound scientific research to support conservation and management of marine, coastal and terrestrial resources.


To graduate knowledgeable and skilled environmental practitioners who can be innovative when addressing environmental challenges encountered globally, with emphasis on small island tropical states. Furthermore, our mission is to graduate practitioners who can work collaboratively with global and local organizations to ensure progress in sustainable development.

Philosophy / Core Values

To ensure that collaboration between local and international organisations takes place and that a platform is provided to allow for increased access, cost-effective and long-term training in environmental science and ecosystem-based management.


The Department of Environment is actively involved in Blue Economy, Marine Ecology, Oceanography, Terrestrial Ecology and Climate Change research through the University’s Blue Economy Research Institute.  

Additionally, various partnerships with local NGOs, institutions and organisations, and regional collaborations enable staff and students to engage in multidisciplinary and cross-cutting research projects that not only enable high quality research outputs but also capacity development in the Seychelles.  

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, Seychelles 
  • Seychelles Fisheries Authority (incl. Aquaculture division) 
  • Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority 
  • Seychelles Island Foundation 
  • Island Development Cooperation 
  • Island Conservation Society 
  • Terrestrial Restoration Society Seychelles (TRASS) 
  • Marine Conservation Society Seychelles (MCSS) 
  • Seychelles Climate Change Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT) 
  • SWIOFish  
  • Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) 
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) 
  • Save Our Seas Foundation – Seychelles 
  • Global Vision International (GVI – Seychelles)  

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