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Island Biodiversity and Conservation (IBC) Centre

Island Biodiversity and Conservation

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Dr. Gérard Rocamora


+248 438 1236

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The Island Biodiversity and Conservation centre is an initiative from members of the scientific community of Seychelles, grouped under the NGO Island Biodiversity Conservation (IBC), and the University of Seychelles which provides it with logistical and administrative support.

IBC is a non-for-profit, non-governmental organisation associated to the University of Seychelles. Formed in December 2014, it aims at bringing together environmental scientists and practitioners to contribute to the development of research and biodiversity conservation in Seychelles and the western Indian Ocean region.



“To promote scientific studies, ecological research and conservation programmes on island biodiversity, the publication and dissemination of results, and the development of university curricula and local capacity in Seychelles and beyond”.


Objectives / Areas of Activity

  • To build a group of environmental scientists and conservation practitioners co-opted by – or affiliated to – the University of Seychelles, willing to contribute to its development in the fields of island biodiversity and conservation.


  • To promote and where appropriate undertake biodiversity inventories, monitoring schemes or other ecological studies in collaboration with other organisations.


  • To produce or contribute to scientific or technical  publications  in  the  field  of  biodiversity conservation   &   environmental   sciences, and   to   represent   the   University   of   Seychelles   in international scientific events.


  • To publish results from biological surveys or ecological programmes, and to valorise advances made in Seychelles in the fields of island biodiversity and conservation.


  • To be part of  the  environmental  component  of  a  Research  Unit  for  the  University  of Seychelles.


  • To support   the   implementation   of   international   research   programmes   on   ecological processes and monitoring protocols related to biodiversity conservation.


  • To provide scientific and technical guidance on environmental management, conservation and restoration programs for key biodiversity species, sites and habitats, and where necessary play an active role in their implementation.


  • To develop the lecturing and student supervision capacity of the University of Seychelles for its curricula in environmental sciences; and to help UniSey to develop – or participate to – new national or international curricula in this field.


  • To network   and   develop   exchanges   with   foreign   scientific   institutions   interested   in biodiversity conservation and capacity building,  particularly  in  the  Indian  Ocean,  and  where appropriate to be affiliated to such international institutions.


  • To be a  repository  of  ecological  samples,  data,  research  results  and  publications  for  the UniSey and any other national or international institutions that may have such interest.


  • To raise/access funds and develop strategic partnerships in order to reach the main goal and objectives of the Association.

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