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The James R. Mancham
Peace and Diplomacy Research Institute

Peace & Diplomacy Research Institute

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Ms. Diana Benoit

Director of PDRI



+248 438 1230


The James R. Mancham Peace and Diplomacy Research Institute (PDRI) was formally established in August 2017, under the auspices of the University of Seychelles. PDRI supports the university’s drive to develop niche areas of research and course opportunities with particular relevance to small island states. Peace studies is an interdisciplinary field of study drawn from many disciplines including anthropology, history, international law, international relations, political science, psychology and sociology. PDRI examines issues related to global peace and social justice; and explores the three main concepts of peace, violence and conflict. It aims to create awareness of the root causes of social issues in society; and how to achieve peace and sustainable development.   



Our mission is not to replicate the work of other international peace institutes but to make a practical contribution to the promotion and maintenance of peace and stability within the region and beyond: 

  • by promoting ongoing research, training, and capacity building in peace and diplomacy studies; 
  • by preventing, mitigating, and resolving conflicts through exchange of ideas and experience; 
  • by facilitating high-level dialogue between global peacebuilding players; 
  • by promoting the engagement of youth in peacebuilding. 



To be an international hub for peace and diplomacy studies contributing to global peace through research, education, training and mediation. 


Conflict is inevitable, but resolving conflict with violence is a choice.” 

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