James R. Mancham Peace and Diplomacy Research Institute


The Institute will be the meeting place for local and regional practitioners and scholars alike to come together and find innovative solutions to prolonged peace and security problems. Seychelles is a mecca for tourists who value the exceptional quality of its islands and turquoise seas. As a tranquil backcloth to negotiations on war and peace, it is hard to imagine a more conducive setting. When conflicts do arise, the Institute will facilitate and mediate through the hosting of high-level meetings and consultations. It will foster dialogue and build the capacity of individuals and groups in the Indian Ocean in peacebuilding as an alternative to extended conflicts and armed violence.

Peace & Diplomacy Research Institute

Contact Us

Ms. Diana Benoit
Peace and Diplomacy Research Institute

Anse Royale
P.O. Box 1348
Mahé, Seychelles

+248 4381222


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