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Welcome to the University of Seychelles

Leadership and Strategy


This is the supreme body of academic and associated governance of the university, to which the remaining internal committees report (either directly or indirectly). Its remit is governed by the provision of the University Charter.  Senate reports direct to the Council.

Terms of reference are as follows:

  • to consider the quality of learning and teaching programmes and outcomes, and to approve related strategies for quality enhancement;
  • to consider the profile of research in the University and to approve related strategies for its further development;
  • to consider the quality of the learning and general campus environment and to encourage improvements where appropriate;
  • to contribute to the development and continuous monitoring of the university’s Strategic Plan;
  • to consider annual Vice-Chancellor’s reports, annual income and expenditure
  • estimates, and to comment and approve as appropriate;
  • to monitor procedures for recruitment to academic posts and performance appraisal of academic staff;
  • to award the titles of professor and lecturers as well as designated honorary titles in a manner prescribed by the recognised authority;
  • to approve rules and internal procedures regulating the administration of academic affairs;
  • where appropriate, to authorise the organisation of meetings of the wider academic community to discuss important issues;
  • to elect or nominate representatives to the University Council; elect and discontinue the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar according to the provisions of the University Charter; and, on the advice of the Vice-Chancellor, approve the deans of faculties and other officers of the university provided for in the Charter; and
  • to exercise such other functions provided for by the Charter.

Senate Members

Ms. Joëlle Perreau
Vice -Chancellor
Dr. Indra Persaud
Dr. Justin Zelime
Dean of FASD

Ms. Dolivette Chang-ko

Director of Marketing and Communications

Mr. Bijay George

Director of Information Technology

Ms. Patricia Rosette

Director of Human Resource and Administration

Ms. Sylvanna Antat

Director of BERI

Mrs.Christine Pejakovic

Director of ESERI
Dr. Michael Hall
Dean of FBSD

Mrs. Diana Ithier

Director of Quality Assurance

Mrs. Emmanuella Simeon

Director of Finance

Dr. Penda Choppy

Director of CLCRI

Ms. Diana Benoit

Director of PDRI

Mrs. Prema Servina

Senior Manager of ILES

Mrs. Begguita Labrosse

Senior Manager of Assessment Services

Ms. Monica Francoise

Manager of Student Services

Mrs. Marie France Loze

Senior Librarian

Mr. Yaw Adu- Ampomah

FBSD Staff Representative
Ms. Natalie Esparon

Mrs. Annie Laurette

FASD Management Representative

Dr. Srimal Fernando

FBSD Management Representative

Mr. Joey Tirant

Vice-President of Student Council

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